Sample 1: Gold from Heimdall's teeth
Heimdall → watchman of the gods; very keen eyesight and acute hearing; golden teeth and muddy back, killed during Ragnarök I in fight with Loki.
Sample 2: Scales from Jörmungandr's offspring
Jörmungandr → venomous sea serpent; surrounds the visible world by biting own tail; killed by Thor in Ragnarök I.
Sample 3: Skin flakes from Loki
Loki → god of ambivalent gender and loyality; shape-shifter; instigator of Ragnarök I; killed during Ragnarök I in fight with Heimdall.
Excerpts from: I. Entrop, S. Sturluson, ‘Echoes from Mythological Border Beings in the Vicinity of the Eems Estuary, the Netherlands’. In: Journal of Sonic Archaeology , Vol 24, nr 2, March 2021, p. 41-58.